mine , yours

That was a good debate guys.


Thx for the input .




mine , yours

Ok I should have specified, the car example was a metaphor

mine, yours?

Ok so I was off a little maybe. There are way more 50/50 people out there concerning funds. But I also see lots of answers that say “well it’s easier to split up in the end ” that just doesn’t sound like the right attitude to go into a marriage either lol.

Really don’t like the thought of I get to go quading cause it’s my money so you stay home cause you can’t afford it .

That’s just me.

So for whom ever may be my next wife remember, you get my money before the divorce…lol.

My money is mine , yours is yours.


I’m back. Let’s try this again.

I’d like to get your opinions on this troubling subject. 

I don’t understand this separate bank accounts, your money is yours and mine is mine. I’ve always had one joint bank account with significant other. All monies come in and all bills and whatever are paid from that account. I don’t get the him/her having to give me their half of the months bills then what ever is left from their own accounts is there’s to do with what they please. Here’s a scenario. So I make a good living but my partner does ok. So I can go buy a new truck but because they don’t make as much as I do they have to buy the 84 honda civic . Do you see what I’m getting at. 

I’d like to know what the world view is on this . Thx 

ps: be gentle it takes me awhile to go through them all.



this has been fun

This has been a lot of fun, A lot of you all think the same things which is cool.


I want you all to know even contrary to the haters and what they say, these ideas to come forward to the masses. We discuss stuff all the time and your ideas are included. Not saying they’ll make it into the show but just so you know people listen other than “just the bodyguard”


Time to start a new topic,




see this is good stuff, I really like knowing what people are thinking and it’s good for the show . I’ll put some of these ideas in the suggestion box at work..lol

Ok Something Lighter

That was great guys for my first try. I loved the different views and opinions, even  the person who said I was doing this to pick up girls..lol.


Soooo new topic…..” Supernatural Gripes”…this’ll be fun